Have you ever had a question about something in your child’s class but didn’t know who to contact?  Has your child ever forgotten their homework at school and you wished you could get that spelling list from another student? Your class yahoo group might have the answers!  In an attempt to facilitate easier communication between classroom parents, yahoo groups have been established for each classroom. The Yahoo Groups enable parents and teachers to quickly and efficiently send messages, questions, homework lists, and information about classroom and school events to all the parents in the class.

Each class has a private group that is completely secure.  They are not listed in the Yahoo Groups directory nor can anyone join without being invited.

If you haven’t already joined your class Yahoo Group, contact your child’s teacher and ask to be invited.

Kindergarten Rebekah Viñas
Class Shutterfly site
Kindergarten Daniel Krasnor
Kindergarten/First grade Amy Haruyama
First grade Misato Araki
Second grade Margaret Yang
Second grade Mary Grace McGhee
Third grade Amelia Bailey
Third grade Katy Hunter
Fourth Caroline Piper
Fourth Grade/Fifth Grade Janan Apaydin
Class Shutterfly site
Fifth Grade Steve Neat