Computers and Technology

All students at Kaiser get to participate weekly in computer activities and projects that build skills, integrate classroom content with technology and enrich their knowledge of the world. We have an excellent computer lab with 26 recently purchased iMacs running a wide range of graphic design, word processing and photo/video editing software. All our computers are connected on an internal network as well as connected to the internet.

Computer Lab

For recent news from the computer lab and to see samples of recent projects, click HERE.

Classroom Computers

We’re currently at a low point for working computers in the classroom. However, the plan is to do a major upgrade of the computers in the lab and take the 26 iMacs from the lab and distribute them to the classrooms. At some point you’ll be hearing about our fundraising efforts and plans for how to make this possible.


There are two great ways to volunteer as a part of the technology team at Kaiser. If you would ever like to come during a classroom’s computer lab time and help students with their project work, that is always appreciated. Secondly, we’re developing a production
team to help print out and assemble student projects. Last year students made little books, bake sale posters, instructional posters and gaming guides. The printing and assembling of these projects takes time and we’re looking for volunteers to help make this possible. If you’re interested in volunteering, please Contact Principal Hatzke .