Library FAQ

Librarian: Rebecca McLearen

When do the students visit the library?
Each class visits the library on Tuesday for 50 minutes, except kindergarten which stays for 25 minutes. During this time there is some kind of lesson, read-aloud, discussion or library-related game in a calm and quiet atmosphere.

What kind of books can be found in the library?
The library collection includes picture books (for everyone to enjoy), paperback and hard back fiction, an extensive non-fiction collection with many science books, poetry, and folk tales. There are separate early reader, biography, and young adult sections also. New books are in a special place so the kids can find them easily. There is usually a seasonal or thematic display in the wooden case.

Where do the books come from?
New books are always being added to our library collection. Books are purchased with PTA funds and from money received from the book fine account. The PTA sponsors a book fair twice a year where books are earned, and parents donate outgrown, gently used books throughout the year. Occasionally money is received from the state of California to purchase books.

Is there a library catalog in place?
Yes. Now you can see what books are in Kaiser school’s library online! Go to then go to “Kaiser,” then go to the Catalog tab to search for books in our library.

What is the Checkout Procedure?
Each student may check out one to three books each visit, and keep the book(s) for a period of one week. (Kindergartners will begin checking out books when the teachers decide the class is ready.) If the student would like to renew the book, they may do so by bringing the book in to be re-stamped.

Did you know?
Parents can always come in and check out books for their children with no limit. For the 2008/09 school year the schedule is Monday and Tuesday before and after school or Thursday all day.

What happens if my child loses their library book?
If a book appears to be lost, a reminder letter will be sent home.  If there is no response, then a letter is mailed to the family’s home. Rarely is a book truly lost, but if it is, the charge to (partially) replace it is $15 for small paperbacks and $20 for all others, payable to Kaiser PTA. By District policy, teachers withhold report cards from students with missing books.

Are there opportunities to volunteer in the library?
Volunteers are always welcome on library days to assist with checkout so that Rebecca can help kids select books appropriate to their interests and reading level. Volunteers are also needed on other days to do tasks that Rebecca can’t get to otherwise. If you wish to volunteer (word has it they could use a little help on Mondays, 8:45am to noon or 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.), or if you have any questions, contact Rebecca or pop into the library.