Henry J. Kaiser Elementary School Library

Librarian: Library Committee

Through the generous contributions to our PTA and through the contributions and support of the Kaiser Dad’s Club, we are able to fund our wonderful library.

Now you can see what books are in Kaiser school’s library online! Go here, then go to the Catalog tab to search for books in our library.

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Marcia encourages each student to select a variety of books, and to choose to learn about subjects that they don’t encounter in the classroom. Her motto is Explore! Stretch your imagination and read about things you had no idea you were interested in. A little later in the year, Marcia and Polly will be recording the different genres and subjects each child reads about to keep better track of what the children are interested in.

For a list of recommended books for a specific grade level, visit the links below from


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2nd grade

3rd grade

4th grade

5th grade

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