Online Message Group

The Kaiser PTA has launched an online message group through the Yahoo! Groups service. Subscribers will get e-mail messages from the PTA about important events or issues. And message group members will become part of an on-line community where they can post messages and share advice and ideas with each other.

How does it work?
Think of a community bulletin board, where people tack up messages that everyone can see. In this case, people use their e-mail to post messages to the whole group. Members can reply to the e-mails as they see fit, by sending a message only to the sender or the group as a whole.

I’m a busy person. What if I don’t want to get all those e-mails?

You can adjust your participation so you only get “special announcements” or a daily digest of each day’s messages.

really hate spam. Will this make me get more spam?
It doesn’t appear so. Our experience with other message groups has shown this not to be a problem. When you subscribe, your e-mail address is sent automatically to the Yahoo! Groups computer so that it can subscribe you to the list. Yahoo! Groups has features designed to prevent spammers from getting your e-mail address. But nothing is foolproof. And if this does end up being a problem, we’ll move the group. We hate spam, too.

How do I subscribe?

Simple. Send a blank e-mail message to or, even easier, fill in the automatic subscription form right here. Soon, you’ll get an e-mail confirming that you want to subscribe. Just reply to the e-mail, and you’re on your way!

One-click subscription!

your e-mail address here:

And if I change my mind and want to cancel?
Send a blank e-mail to

Questions? Problems?
E-mail the moderator, Annie de Jong.