Principal’s Message – December 5th, 2017

While the days are getting colder and shorter, the learning and celebration at Kaiser continues to burn bright. I recently did a cycle of math observations in most classrooms, and as I reflected, I was struck by how different math instruction is now compared to how math was taught “back in the day” when we were in elementary school.

The term “Common Core” is bandied about a lot, but we could do better explaining what this means and how it manifests at Kaiser. There are two big differences in the shift to common core from traditional teaching methods: 1) Common Core is a continuum from grade to grade that is standards based; and 2) there is a focus on theory and thinking, not just a rote process.

Below is a link to a 9-minute video that does a good job of explaining common core math instruction. This could be helpful in supporting your child’s math homework.

In other news, we are excited about our upcoming 4th and 5th grade musical performance and play. I love hearing the sounds of singing and instruments wafting through the campus. Be sure to encourage your child to practice at home so they are ready and confident for the big night. Younger students will get to see the “dress rehearsal” as an assembly earlier that day. You’ll find more information about the performance in this issue of The Pink Panther.

Finally, one of our challenges at Kaiser is our limited parking. Even with the additional limitations caused by the kitchen construction project, we have been doing much better as a community. “No parking, school zone” signs on Hill and Hiller and the involvement of family volunteers make a big difference. Still, it is important that everyone review the safety guidelines periodically, so they are included again in this edition of The Pink Panther.

Happy Holidays!
Dennis Guikema