Principal’s Message – December 5th, 2018

Hello Kaiser Elementary Families:
Well here we are, smack dab in the middle of the holiday season. This is an exciting and very busy time at Kaiser Elementary. The school is festive with celebration. (See inside for more details about our 4th and 5th grade musical concert and 5th grade play). It is also a time when learning ratchets up another notch: Our Kindergarteners have moved from learning their letters to forming simple sentences, and on the other end of the spectrum, our 5th graders are gaining the knowledge and skills for success in middle school… which is now only months away!

With this rigor and with the additional stress that the holidays can sometimes bring, it is important to also take care of our emotional and physical well being. When I see our 2nd graders doing yoga, or notice the enthusiasm with which our 4th graders greet their younger “reading buddies”, it brings a smile to my face. When things get a bit stressful, we all need to remember to find joy in the little things and to model constructive and healthy responses to stress… our kids are watching and taking in more than we think. 🙂 As we close out another calendar year, and are now well into the second trimester of the school year, I want to give all Kaiser families a big THANK YOU for all you do to make Kaiser Elementary the special learning community it is.

Dennis Guikema, Principal