Principal’s Message – October 2nd, 2018

My favorite, and arguably most important, part of my job is being in classrooms and talking with teachers about what our children are learning. Over the past two weeks I have had in depth visits, with pre and post visit conversations, in most of our classrooms. I am really inspired by what I am seeing. In a Kindergarten class, student work, along with data the teacher has collected, shows tremendous gains in our first six weeks of school. In 1st Grade, I watched students learn cooperative and math skills simultaneously. In 2nd Grade, I saw writing objectives seamlessly connect to a science unit. In 3rd Grade, students approached a common core math lesson with enthusiasm more often associated with a trip to Fenton’s. 4th grade math centers challenged students in a myriad of engaging ways. And, in 5th Grade students created PowerPoints to showcase their learning.

These are just a few snapshots, but they all represent the rigor, engagement, Socio Emotional Learning, creativity and personalization that Kaiser teachers bring to their classes every day. This leaves no wonder as to why Kaiser had double digit gains the past two years!

Next week you will have a chance to find out even more, directly from your child’s teacher, about their learning and goals for the year ahead. As you know, we will have minimum days all of next week to make time for individual family conferences. If you haven’t already, please schedule a conference directly with your child’s teacher.

And finally, our walk-a-thon is quickly approaching. I want to thank those who have already started fundraising. If you haven’t yet, now is the time! It only takes a couple minutes to help your child set up their page at

~ Dennis Guikema, Principal