The Staff

The staff of Kaiser Elementary School, Oakland, California

PRINCIPAL Dennis Guikema
Administrative Assistant Guadalupe Padilla
Attendance Clerk Gayle Peterson
Kindergarten Rebekah Viñas Rebekah.Viñ
Kindergarten Rachel Klapperich
First Grade Amy Haruyama
First grade Misato Araki
Second grade Mary Grace McGhee
Second grade Margaret Yang
Third grade Amelia Bailey
Third grade Katy Hunter
Fourth Grade Kelly Thomas
Fifth Grade Sugeera Eckley
Fourth/Fifth Grade Steve Neat
Special Education Resource Joan Buhler
STIP Sub Jourdan Oliver
Reading Specialist Hilary Jackson
IA/Resource Specialist Anne McGuinness
Psychologist Jennifer Wright Hughes
Speech Therapist Erin Leong
School Nurse Coreen Steigerwald
Adventure Time Director & Academic Mentor Oscar Campos
Noon supervisor & student support Issere Grier-Christopher
Teacher Aide Pearl McClenan
Food Service Manager Sharonda Johnson
Computer Instructor/Tech Patrick O’Hearn
Band/Orchestra Director Claudia McCarthy
Band/Orchestra Asst. Director Candice Sanders
Orff Music Teacher Diana Strong
Physical Education Valerie Ostrom
Visual Art Consultant Bonnie Allen
Academic Mentor/Noon Supervisor Oscar Campos
Academic Mentor/Noon Supervisor Natalie Potter
Academic Mentor/Noon Supervisor Krista Sumida
Head Custodian Alonzo Hardin
Night Custodian Walter Graves