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Planning for a Possible Teacher Strike

As many of you know, on February 4, 2019 the Oakland Education Association (OEA) announced that 95% of teachers have voted to authorize a teachers’ strike in support of the heath of OUSD schools. Their demands include smaller class sizes, smaller special education caseloads, fair teachers’ salaries and additional support staff. Teachers are also lifting of the concerns of the OUSD community to oppose school closures.  The OEA has been working hard to resolve these issues with the District. However, if a favorable contract cannot be reached, a teachers’ strike will likely begin very soon. We truly appreciate the vital work of our teachers and want to support them and their families as they continue to support ours!  

Planning for a Possible Teacher Strike

If the teachers strike, this means they will not be teaching but instead picketing at the schools and taking actions around the community. The strike is most impactful and ideally quickest if OUSD families and faculty band together. Depending on your family situation, one of the most effective ways to do this is to not send your child to school during the strike. However, we know that not all families are in a position to keep their children home and need to bring them to school. Whatever your situation we ask for everyone to support our teachers and our fellow families.

We can play a role in supporting our teachers and our families during the teachers’ strike. We would like to set up a parent led “Strike Planning Committee.”  The committee would both provide support for our teachers and connect families to resources during the strike. Please take a moment to fill out the brief form at this link to tell us what you can do to help in this effort.

Click here for a very helpful guide that explains what we can do now to support our teachers:

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