Student Performance

Great Schools Kaiser school profile including the latest state test scores. A good place to start.

STAR test program results

Below are links to the California Department of Education STAR (Standardized Testing and Reporting) program by year. See how Kaiser students did on the basic skills test and on the portions of the test that are designed to match state academic standards.

2011 test scores

2010 test scores

2009 test scores

2008 test scores

2007 test scores

2006 test scores

2005 test scores

2004 test scores

2003 test scores

2002 test scores

2001 test scores

2000 test scores

1999 test scores

1998 test scores

Here is a page that explains what the scores mean and another which provides links to results for other schools and districts.

The state Academic Performance Index (API)

This performance program is based on how well schools perform on the above Stanford-9 exams.

Here you can type in the school name and get other reports from the state, or performance reports for other schools.

And here is the state’s main page for the API program, with links to more data and brochures that explain what the program is and how it works.