Traffic Policies

Traffic Guidelines for Drop-off/Pick-up Zones at Kaiser Elementary
Safety of our students and community is our number one priority.

Pick-up and drop-off are challenging at Kaiser Elementary.   To mitigate this families are encouraged to carpool. Parking on neighborhood streets and walking to campus helps to ease congestion and is encouraged.  Kudos to the Kaiser families who commute to school via electric bike!

All Kaiser families are expected to honor the “No Parking Zones” during drop-off and pick-up hours.   Any unattended car in these areas may be ticketed or towed.  Areas include:

  • Traffic circle.
  • Uphill direction on both Hiller Drive and South Hill Court.

Please be mindful of the following safety and courtesy expectations:

  • Unless you have a permit, parking in disabled zone is prohibited.
  • All parking spaces on campus are reserved for staff.   Families and visitors should park on neighborhood streets.
  • Always let your child out of the car in the drop off zone near the sidewalk.
    • DO NOT let your child out of the car in the far lane of the circle.
    • DO NOT let your child out on the driver’s side of the vehicle without an adult escort
  • You are encouraged to park on Hiller Drive or South Hill Ct. By parking on neighborhood streets, you reduce traffic congestion and can safely walk your child to campus.
  • Be courteous to other drivers at all times.
  • Be courteous to Safety Patrol, volunteers, and staff. They are here to assist you with safely arriving and leaving the school site.
  • Please do not make a U-turn on Hiller Dr.  You may use the traffic circle in front of school or the turnaround at the end of N Hill Ct. to safely and legally turn around.  
  • Please do not queue for pick-up or drop-off in a traffic lane.   Only queue at the curb.
  • Please do not park in red zones, and please do not block driveways.  

Consequences for Traffic Violations:
Both neighbors and school administration have requested periodic visits by OPD Traffic Division.  Citations will be given for illegal parking including school zones, red zones, disabled parking, reserved staff parking, blocking of driveways, and traffic violations.   

New for 2017-18

  • A “no parking school zone” has been approved for the uphill section of both Hiller Dr. and S. Hill Ct. leading up to the school.   Please note that cars parked in this zone during posted hours will be cited by OPD.
  • The finishing kitchen construction project has reduced staff parking by over 50%, which will lead to additional traffic congestion during the start of the school year.